Effects of two dietary exogenous multi-enzyme
supplementation, Natuzyme® and beta-mannanase
(Hemicell®), on growth and blood parameters of Caspian
salmon (Salmo trutta caspius)

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Abstract Recent increases in feed ingredient costs have
motivated the fisheries industry to identify technologies that
will improve feed utilisation and reduce the cost per pound
of gain. The effects of two supplemental exogenous
enzymes (Natuzyme® and Hemicell®) on the growth performance in Caspian salmon (Salmo trutta caspius) were
examined over an 8-week feeding trial. After the experimental period, the survival rate ranged from 91.33±1.15 %
in controls to 96.67±1.15 % in the group that received 0.5 g
Natuzyme® kg−1
+0.5 g Hemicell® kg−1 (NH) in their diet
and there was a statistical difference between experimental
and control groups (p<0.05). Growth rate was significantly
higher in the NH group (1.01±0.01) than the other groups
(Sig.00.00). The best feed conversion rate (0.64±0.01) was
in the NH group and it was significantly lower than the
control group, the 0.5 g Natuzyme® kg−1 group, and the
0.25 g Hemicell® kg−1 group (Sig.00.03). The best final
body weight (80.68±5.27) was observed in the NH group.
Also, WBC count (7,716.67±348.80 N/mm3
) was
significantly higher in the NH group compared to the control (6,916.67±194.10 N/mm3
; p<0.05). No difference was
observed in haematocrit%, haemoglobin, red blood cell,
mean corpuscular volume, mean corpuscular haemoglobin,
and mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration (p>0.05).
The results suggested that enzyme supplementation caused
significant improvement on growth performance and feed
utilisation in Caspian salmon.

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