Effects of the prebiotics Immunoster and Immunowall on growth performance of juvenile beluga (Huso huso)

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The objective of this study was to determine the effects of the
prebiotics Immunoster and Immunowall (two commercial
prebiotics) on growth performance of juvenile beluga (Huso
huso). Prior to the feeding trials, fish were fed the basal diet to
apparent satiation four times per day for a 4-week acclimatization period. The basal diet contained 42% crude protein,
14.5% crude lipid, 10.06% ash and 6.1% moisture. Then, 450
beluga juveniles weighing 95.6 ± 9.4 g were randomly distributed into 15 fiberglass tanks (2 · 2 · 0.53 m) in three
replicates and kept at a density of 30 fish per tank. Two levels
(1 and 3%) of Immunoster and two levels (1 and 3%) of
Immunowall were added to the basal diet in place of cellulose.
Diets were manufactured by extrusion processing. Juvenile
belugas were fed four times daily at rates approximately
apparent to satiation for 8 weeks. Average Daily Growth
(ADG), Body Weight Gain (BWG), Specific Growth Rate
(SGR), Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), Condition Factor (CF)
and Hepatosomatic Index (HSI) were monitored and assessed.
Generally, fish fed Immunoster and Immunowall had better
growth characteristics during the 8-week feeding trial. Survival
rate was 100% in all treatments. Final weight and final length
were significantly affected by Immunoster and Immunowall (at
both levels) in all experimental groups in comparison with the
control group (P < 0.05). The highest and the lowest final
weight were observed in Immunowall 1% (241.6 ± 85 g) and
control (199.2 ± 84.7 g), respectively. It can be declared that
two mentioned prebiotics can improve growth performance of
beluga sturgeon

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